Southfield Sign Showcase: Evaluate Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

Southfield Sign Showcase: Evaluate Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

Today’s post explains how Southfield sign buyers can evaluate commercial sign companies to guarantee great results on their next order. Read on or call 1-248-354-8346 to schedule a free sign showcase.

“How Do I Evaluate Commercial Sign Companies Near Me?”

To help consumers evaluate commercial sign companies, the International Sign Association (ISA) recently prepared a list of “Questions to Ask a Potential Sign Partner.”

Therein, the ISA details hard-hitting questions about:

  • Permitting capabilitiesCan the company provide plans and work with local officials to gather the necessary permits and understand local regulations? We can—learn more on the SignScapes Sign Applications and Permitting page.
  • Manufacturing capabilities—Can the company manufacture all the most popular sign types, and are the signs built to last, easy to maintain, and compliant with all national codes and standards? SignScapes manufactures everything, from top-quality business signs to event displays and vehicle wraps and graphics—learn more on the SignScapes products page.
  • Installation capabilities—Does the company offer installation as part of its services? And do they include the necessary specialized equipment? As one of Southfield’s only true full-service commercial sign companies, we’re proud to offer full installation support for all sign types—learn more on the SignScapes sign installation page.
  • Design capabilities—Does the commercial sign company offer graphic design and complete sign customization, or do they deal predominantly in stock signage and templates? At SignScapes, we can bring any custom design to life, whether you’ve got a crystal-clear vision or only a vague idea—learn more on the SignScapes Consultation and Design page.

While ISA’s questions can help you trim your shortlist of commercial sign companies, the final decision should be based on real-world sign results. Accordingly, we’ve prepared a few tips to help you evaluate the real-world sign design, manufacturing, and installation capabilities of Southfield sign businesses, all of which can be done totally “contactless,” and mostly from the comfort of your own home.

Southfield Sign Showcase: 3 Ways To Evaluate Commercial Sign Company Products

  • Visit commercial sign company galleries. Most reputable commercial sign companies will have online galleries on their website. If the company in question does not, consider this a red flag, since online sign showcases are now standard practice in the sign industry, particularly during COVID-19. While most companies will put their best foot forward, showcasing only their best signage from the most flattering angles, online galleries still serve as a useful starting point for your results-oriented evaluation.
  • Visit commercial sign company social media pages. With its emphasis on visual media, Instagram is a great place to start, but Facebook is also a good option because you can see unfiltered comments from real customers. Here again, you’ll need to be aware that businesses will only post their best work, but it’s still a useful resource for remote research.
  • Visit commercial sign companies’ finished products in person. The best way to let the results speak for themselves is to visit the company’s finished signage in person. It’s often possible to determine where the signs are located on your own while browsing online galleries, but it’s more time-efficient to call the company directly and ask for a list of local sites to see. For a guided Southfield sign showcase, call 1-248-354-8346 today, and a member of our team will be happy to direct you toward some of our happy customers.

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