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If you’re looking for an illuminated sign that will command attention for your business, LED signs are a top choice. These signs are brightly lit and are a signage choice that many businesses turn to thanks to them being cost-effective and energy efficient. They’re also versatile, meaning they can be installed both indoors and outdoors to suit a wide range of uses for your business.

However, this type of sign isn’t one that you can craft on your own. Design, creation, and installation of LED signs require working with a professional signage partner, and SignScapes is one that’s available to support your business. Allow our experienced team to improve your brand visibility with high-quality signage solutions today. Reach out to us to request a quote and learn more about LED signs for your business.

What are LED Signs?

“LED” stands for “light-emitting diode”. LED signs are signs that are illuminated with perhaps the best lighting technology known to date.

These signs are made with tiny LED bulbs set close together onto a plastic backing. This makes it easier to bend them into any shape or form. They are also usually enclosed in an acrylic casing to create signs that illuminate from within.

Looking for LED signs in Detroit? SignScapes offers high-quality lighted signs for your business needs. We offer a wide range of options, from design to materials and more. Give us a call today and get a free consultation.

Uses for Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LEDs have quickly become an incredibly popular style of illuminated sign. LED signs last longer than other illuminated signs because LED bulbs last longer. If you’re wondering what kind of lighted sign to get for your Detroit business, most cost-saving analyses have LED signs winning out over time.

You can add to the list of advantages of LED signs the fact that they have a wide range of uses for a business. Here’s how you stand to benefit from using these signs in your establishment:

  • Promote your business: A brightly lit outdoor sign will help showcase your brand in your community. This type of sign will alert prospects to your business. If they haven’t heard of you before or don’t know where you are located, an eye-catching sign could be what compels them to come inside.
  • Advertise your offerings: You can also use brightly lit signs indoors and outdoors to showcase your offerings. These signs come into play at a critical time. When people are close to your business and spot your signs, if they’re intrigued by your offerings they can step inside to learn more and make a purchase.
  • Stand out from the crowd: It goes without saying that an illuminated sign is more visible than an unlit sign. In the evening hours and in poor weather, your LED sign will make your business easy to find. If you’re located in a busy area, a lit sign is sure to stand out, helping you to command attention over the competition.
  • Set your business apart: LED signs can be personalized for your business. This means you get to decide on a range of factors that will make your sign unique. A one-of-a-kind sign simply cannot compare to a generic sign, giving your business an extra edge that gets noticed.

Types of LED Signage

LED signs can also shine brighter than any other type of lighted sign, so they’re great for commercial and corporate signage. Any sign that needs to stand out at night or in a crowded Detroit street should probably be an LED sign.

At SignScapes, we offer a range of LED sign options. This gives you flexibility in selecting a sign type that will meet your requirements and help achieve your goals. Some of your options include outdoor signs that will make your business stand out, as well as indoor signs that will showcase your offerings and help brand your business.

If you’re not sure which sign type to select, we’re happy to guide you. Our experienced team can offer recommendations not only on the type of sign that will be most beneficial for your business, but also on its design. We’ll support you through all phases of providing you with effective signage, including its design, creation, and installation.

Lighted LED Signs That Make You Stand Out

Here are our top picks for custom LED signs:

  1. Video Display Screens
  2. Digital Menu Boards
  3. Programmable LED Signs
  4. Full-Color LED Signs
  5. Lightboxes or Cabinet Signs

Here at SignScapes, we customize your signs based on your design needs. Choose the color, size, and theme that will make your brand stand out and we’ll make it for you. Talk to us about your design vision today and we’ll give you a free quote.

Benefits of LED Signs

Getting LED signs can be one of the best decisions you can make for your MI business. They are a worthwhile investment that can give you positive results for years. Here are some of the ways LED signs for business can benefit you.

  1. They are energy-efficient and cost-effective. LEDs can last years before needing to be replaced. They also have a low maintenance cost and don’t require regular upkeep.
  2. They help drive more traffic to your business. Because of the added visibility these signs bring, it’s easier to spot your business anywhere. This is more convenient for people looking for your business in Detroit.
  3. These signs create a lasting impression on your customers. Custom LED neon signs look modern and professional. This makes your signs more memorable, effectively getting your message across.
  4. They are very versatile. LED signs can be used in many ways to benefit your business. They can be used outdoors to get the attention of anyone passing by. Indoor lighted signs make your interiors light up and boost your space.

Why Choose Us for Outdoor Led Signs for Business in Detroit, MI?

Illuminated signs cost more than non-lighted signs, so you want to get them right. SignScapes is proud to design and manufacture eye-catching and durable LED signs for our clients in Detroit, and elsewhere in Michigan.

We are a full-service LED sign company that can design, produce, and install your signage needs. Our team works closely with our clients. This ensures we understand your business requirements and deliver accordingly. Our goal is to produce signs that not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Illuminated LED Signage Company

LED bulbs last longer than neon or fluorescent tubes and they absolutely dwarf the lifespan of incandescent bulbs by lasting up to 25 times longer! LED signs are also much more efficient than other types of lighted signs because LED bulbs focus more of their energy on light and less on heat, meaning they aren’t a fire hazard. If you are in Detroit, or elsewhere in Michigan and would like to learn more about LED signs, please contact us.

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