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Church SignsWhat are Church Signs?

Church signs are signs that appear on, in, or in front of churches.

Uses for Church Signs

The big church sign out front is used to identify the church. It states the name of the church, the denomination, and it often has a telephone number, address, or web address. Furthermore, church signs are iconic for their common use of replaceable letter tiles used to spell out different biblical passages or summarizing the topic of sermons.

Types of Church Signs

If you run an Episcopalian church in Sterling Heights, you need a church sign to identify your church. These outdoor church signs are typically in the style of a post and panel sign. Or let’s say you manage a Baptist church in Sterling Heights, you need more than just the sign out front. You need signs to indicate the restrooms, the office, the exits, etc. And if you’re in charge of operating a catholic church in Sterling Heights, you need signs to indicate the confessional, votive candles, and other places.

Why Choose Us for Church Signs?

Whether you’re in Sterling Heights, or anywhere else in Michigan, you need effective and respectful church signs. SignScapes can design, manufacture, and install them for you.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Church Signs in Sterling Heights

We’re happy to make church signs for any denomination. If you manage a mosque, synagogue, or any other place of worship in Sterling Heights, or anywhere nearby in Michigan, please contact us.

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