3 Easy (and Costly) Lighted Sign Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

3 Easy (and Costly) Lighted Sign Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Lighted signs are one of the most conspicuous and impactful advertising assets available to Southfield business owners, but the light must be done right. Avoid the following 3 lighted sign mistakes, or pay the price!

Lighted Sign Mistake #1: Using Flashing Lights For More Impressions

When you’re trying to earn the attention of passersby in Southfield’s crowded signscape, it may seem like a good idea to install flashing lights.

In fact, the attention-grabbing effects of intermittent lighting are well-established in the research. For example, one recent study looked at whether the addition of a red flashing light on a hand sanitizer station would draw more attention, thereby increasing hand hygiene compliance in hospitals. At the end of the study, the research team found that flashing lights more than doubled hand hygiene compliance, up to 27.1% from 12.4%. Clearly, flashing lights are great attention-grabbers—that’s why they’re used by emergency vehicles and important traffic signals, after all—so why not use them on your lighted sign?

It’s simple: flashing lighted signs are against the law. Section 8.42 (2) of the Southfield Code of Ordinances states that “illumination must be constant (not flashing or intermittent) and shall be shielded from adjacent properties and not create a hazard to vehicle traffic.”

Failing to comply with the Code of Ordinances could result in hefty fines, and you’ll also be on the hook for any sign removal and redesign expenses. More importantly, using flashing lighted signs puts Southfield communities at risk, distracting drivers and blending together with crucial traffic signals.

If you want dynamic lighting elements for your lighted sign, consider investing in digital signage instead. We have a wide selection of digital sign solutions, many of which can be programmed to display video, picture slideshows, rotating menus, and more, giving you eye-grabbing movement without breaking the law or creating safety hazards.

Lighted Sign Mistake #2: Failing To Secure An Electrical Permit

Think your lighted sign is too small to need a permit? Think again!

Section 8.42 (1) of the Southfield Code of Ordinances states that “any sign that makes use of electricity shall, in addition to a sign permit require an electrical permit, and electrical inspection prior to the installation of said sign regardless of size.”

Save yourself the hefty fine and the hassle by partnering with a full-service lighted sign company that offers support with electrical permits and applications. If you live in Southfield or the surrounding areas, help is closer than you think—learn more on the SignScapes Sign Applications and Permitting page.

Lighted Sign Mistake #3: Lighted Sign Spillage

Section 8.42 (3) of the Southfield Code of Ordinances states that “there shall be no spillage of illumination or glare onto public or private roads or adjacent properties.” If you invest in lighted signs, make the extra effort to shield adjacent properties from illumination, or you could be on the hook for another big fine.

Free Lighted Sign Consultation In Southfield, MI

Avoiding these 3 costly mistakes is easy when you work with SignScapes. Call 1-248-354-8346 or visit the SignScapes website to book a free consultation and get a same-day quote on any custom lighted sign.


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