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What is Sign Installation?Sign Installation in Southfield, MI

A sign is no good if it’s not been installed.

Uses for Sign Installation

Signs must be installed and installed in the right place to be effective. And some signs require professional installation. Have you ever tried to set up your own 30-foot high pole sign in front of your Northville, Michigan, restaurant? It’s not a job for amateurs.

Types of Sign Installation

Some signs are easy enough for clients to install themselves. But at SignScapes, we would never leave heavy signs or signs that contain electrical wiring up to the clients to handle. We’re not going to dump a thousand-pound monument sign at your Highland Park storefront and make you handle the rest.

Why Choose Us for Sign Installation?

If you need a cherry picker/skyjack to install commercial signage high up on your Northville retail store, we’ll handle it. If you need somebody to take care of the wiring of the lighted sign for your salon in Highland Park, we can do that, too. Afterall, the job is not finished just when the sign is made; it must be installed, too.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Sign Installation

At SignScapes, we never leave our clients hanging. You can rest assured that any sign we manufacture for you, we can also install. If you’re in Northville, Highland Park, or nearby in Michigan and would like to learn more about our sign installation process and methods, please get in touch with us today.

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