Southfield Custom Wall Graphics & Signs

What are Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics are graphics on walls that promote businesses, brand spaces, provide directions, or even just provide decoration. Walls often offer a lot of space for graphics, so you typically have a lot of room to work with for a wall graphic.

Uses for Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be used for functional purposes, such as stating basic information, but they can also be used for promotion and branding. For promotional and branding purposes, wall graphics often need to be big, vibrant, and bold.

Types of Wall Graphics

Want small wall graphics to identify the men’s and women’s restrooms in your Southfield, Michigan, restaurant? Small decals or vinyl graphics can work. Or use a big, colorful wall mural to put children at ease in the waiting area of your Southfield dentist practice.

Why Choose us for Wall Graphics in Southfield, MI?

Wall graphics must be designed and manufactured with their purpose in mind. The wall graphics for a Southfield arcade must look fun and engaging. However, if you run a travel agency in Southfield, you have different needs. For you, floor-to-ceiling digitally printed wallpaper depicting a beautiful scene in Acapulco or another tourist destination might be in order.

Benefits of Choosing us for Wall Signs & Graphics in Southfield, MI

At SignScapes, we walk our clients through every step of our process from design to manufacturing to installation. If you are in Southfield, or nearby in Michigan and would like to learn more about wall graphics, please contact us.


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