Detroit Custom Neon Lighted Signs

Neon Lighted SignsWhat are Neon Lighted Signs?

Neon lighted signs are iconic illuminated signs. Neon lighted signs are synonymous with nightlife and busy cities.

Uses for Neon Lighted Signs

Custom neon signs are powerful promotional tools. Perhaps no other form of illuminated sign offers the same level of artistry. Neon lighted signs will get your business in Detroit, or elsewhere in Michigan, noticed. Neon lighted signs can be seen, even at a distance, at night and in bad weather. Neon lighted signs generate more impressions for your business than non-illuminated signs.

Types of Neon Lighted Signs

Neon-lighted signs are just one type of illuminated sign. While LED signs tend to last longer and use less energy than neon lighted signs, neon lighted signs have a warm, pleasant look that other lighted signs cannot quite achieve. Neon lighted signs are typically used as commercial signage.

Why Choose Us for Custom Neon Signs in Detroit, MI?

Not sure what kind of illuminated sign is right for your Detroit restaurant? We can help you choose. Want a custom neon sign that alternately lights up different tubes to generate the appearance of movement for your Detroit bar? We can design and manufacture it for you. At SignScapes, we can handle all your neon-lighted sign needs.

Benefits of Choosing us for Neon Lighted Signs in Detroit, MI

If you manage a business or organization in Detroit, or nearby in Michigan, and would like to know more about neon lighted signs, please contact us today.

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