Consultation & Design

Consultation and design are the first steps towards getting you the effective and high-quality signage you need in Farmington, Michigan.
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Large Format Printing

Sometimes signs need to be big. But having small or distorted font on big signs isn’t much use to anybody. That’s why you need large format printing.
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Sign Applications & Permitting

Some signs need to be approved by municipal and state authorities before they can be installed. For these signs, you need to apply for a permit.
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Sign Installation

Signs must be installed and installed in the right place to be effective. And some signs require professional installation. Have you ever tried to set up your own 30-foot high pole sign in front of your Northville, Michigan, restaurant? It’s not a job for amateurs.
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Sign Maintenance & Repair

Many signs require periodic maintenance and repair. Nothing looks good forever. Occasional sign maintenance and repair is necessary.
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Sign Manufacturing

At SignScapes, we manufacture most of the signs we make right here in our Southfield studio. We work with reliable suppliers to get high-quality materials.
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Our Industry Affiliations

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