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Channel Letters Southfield Back Lit Channel Letter Signs Near MeWhat are Restaurant Signs?

There is a wide range of signs that restaurants need for communications and marketing. The two main categories include outdoor signs and indoor signs, as they serve a variety of purposes. Restaurant sign outdoors helps get a business noticed, but once guests step inside, your indoor signs have the power to influence their dining experience.

Knowing which commercial restaurant signs to select can be overwhelming, which is why it is beneficial to work with the professional team at SignScapes. We know how important signage is in the restaurant industry, and you can rely on our experience and training to ensure your business is outfitted with all the signs it needs to be set up for success.

Uses for Restaurant Signs

With restaurant signs needed both outside and inside your establishment, it’s critical to have a comprehensive signage strategy in place. This will ensure you have identified all the signs your restaurant needs and have established a framework for their design.

Our team ensures your signage strategy is well planned and executed using a wide range of services. We handle each step needed to bring your vision to life, from the initial design consultation to the sign’s installation. Of course, we value your input throughout the design process, which is why we work closely with you to modify and adapt the design to accommodate your preferences.

Types of Restaurant Signs

For restaurants located close to a freeway, consider a pylon sign, as it is tall enough to let motorists know you’re present and available to serve them. If this sign piques their interest, optimize their experience by using additional signs, such as a large commercial sign outside your restaurant; this will guarantee they can find your location quickly and easily, reducing the chances of them going somewhere else.

In addition, a restaurant hours sign is valuable in letting people know your hours of operation. If guests happen to stop by after hours, your sign will clearly communicate when you’ll be open, so they can come back later.

Have you ever seen a restaurant open sign? This type of sign is traditionally designed and installed to be extremely visible, so guests know if you’re open. Be sure to ask us about illumination options or other features to make your signage prominent in the storefront. “Why,” you ask. When people are passing by your business, a stand-out open sign could be the difference between it catching their eye and compelling them to step inside for a meal, drink, or snack, and them walking right by.

Once guests have stepped inside, there is a wide range of indoor signs that should be installed to support their experience. From menu boards to display your offerings to promotional banners that communicate your deals or specials, these signs directly impact the environment customers experience during their meal.

Why Choose Us for Restaurant Signs in Detroit, MI?

Our team at SignScapes will go the extra mile to ensure that all the signs we develop for your restaurant are created with your brand in mind. This involves incorporating your logo, fonts, colors, and more into every sign design, so that it encourages people to remember your restaurant.

Further, if you have a design idea in mind for your signs, we’re happy to work with you to fine-tune your design, if needed, and bring it to life. However, if design isn’t your strong suit, you can rely on our team of graphic designers to craft exceptional design options that represent your restaurant. Everything from restaurant sign boards to window signs can be personalized to your preferences and branding. We will use a custom touch to set your signs apart.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Restaurant Signs in Detroit, MI

We’re eager to learn more about your restaurant and work together to develop an extensive signage strategy. Our team is dedicated to outfitting your business with the signs it needs for effective marketing and branding. If you’re located in Detroit, Michigan, kickstart your signage project by reaching out to us and requesting a quote.

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