Hanging Signs for Business

A hanging sign is a sign in which the sign panel hangs from the frame or an external structure. An eye-catching design combined with strategic placement makes these signs most effective. When they’re visually appealing and installed in a location that aligns with the direction of oncoming traffic, this powerful marketing tool boosts your business’s advertising potential.

Crafting these signs requires support from experienced signage professionals, as they can craft a sign that’s designed to draw attention and install it in a location that will maximize your business’s visibility.

SignScapes is a trusted signage partner that creates stunning, effective hanging signs in Detroit, MI. Our team has the knowledge and experience to craft impressive signs that get your business noticed.

Uses for Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are most often used for promotional, branding, and identification purposes. Think of the aisles in a Detroit grocery store. Hanging signs are also often found on the exterior walls of retail business, restaurants, hotels, and other buildings. The versatility of these signs is unmatched. There are options for crafting custom hanging signs for businesses that can be used either outdoors or indoors. This adaptability offers various ways to use hanging signs to achieve your marketing and communications goals.

Here are some of the ways you can use these signs in your business:

  • Attract attention from a distance with a strategically placed sign.
  • Promote your business to passersby by positioning your signs to face foot traffic or the road.
  • Welcome guests with a prominent sign mounted within your entrance area.
  • Advertise promotions, events, or new offerings with eye-catching signage.
  • Guide customers to specific areas of your business with visually appealing directional signs.
  • Make areas of your business easier to see with signage that’s mounted high.

If you have another idea in mind, be sure to reach out to us. These are only a handful of the signs that can be used in and around your business. We’re happy to learn more about what you’re looking for, so we can discuss how to use this type of signage to achieve your specific objectives.

Types of Hanging Signs

Outside of your Detroit restaurant, you can hang a panel from a projecting sign or from its own crossbar as a free-standing sign, such as a post and panel sign. Indoors, you can hang your store signage from the ceiling.

There are several sign types to select from, which makes the best sign for your business dependent on what you need.

Some of the options you can consider include:

  • Hanging banners: These signs can be used where and when you need them, giving you flexibility in having a temporary or semi-permanent sign, depending on your needs.
  • Hanging address signs: Outside your business, a prominent address sign will be a welcomed sight for first-time customers, trying to find your business, as well as guests, delivery personnel, and first responders.
  • Custom hanging signs: The sky’s the limit regarding your sign’s design options. We’ll work with you to bring your brand to life, making it an effective marketing tool for your business.
  • Indoor hanging signs: Office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and many more businesses benefit from indoor signs as they communicate directions, messages, and promotions to customers and guests.
  • Outdoor hanging signs: These signs are crafted with the climate in mind. Outdoor signage materials are resistant to harsh weather conditions, so your signs are visually appealing and perform well over time.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss the specifics of crafting hanging signs for your business, such as the available materials for each sign and how the design affects overall impact.

Why Choose Us for Hanging Signs in Detroit, MI?

Hanging signs sway in the wind. Because human eye is attracted to movement, this will generate increased impressions. That said, you don’t want your hanging sign flying back and forth like a flag in a hurricane. At SignScapes, we manufacture stable and durable hanging signs that also look great.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Hanging Signs in Detroit, MI

Whether you have your own design for a hanging sign for your retail store in Detroit or you would like us to design something for you, we will work with you closely through every step of the process from design to manufacturing to installation. If you’re in Detroit, or nearby in Michigan, and would like to learn more about hanging signs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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