Michigan Custom Building Signage

Building SignageWhat is Building Signage?

Building signage is a somewhat vague term. Applied broadly, any sign affixed to the wall of a building can be called an “building sign”. Most commonly, building signs are signs that identify the buildings on which they appear. When building signage is used in a series of signs –or a sign system– that exists on multiple related buildings, it is usually called “architectural signage”.

Uses for Building Signage

Building signage is often found on a series of interconnected or related buildings. A prime example is on campuses. You can find building signage on office buildings in Michigan, on residential buildings in Michigan, and all other types of buildings all over Michigan. Architectural signs are usually found on campuses, business parks, and government complexes.

Types of Building Signage

Building signage can be made from any number of different materials. Building signage could be engraved signs, metal signs, channel letters, wall signs, or window signs. Building signage is not always installed on walls; it could also appear on monument and pole signs.

Why Choose Us for Building Signage in Michigan, US?

At SignScapes, we know that building signage needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as durable. We can suggest materials that fit the aesthetic of your brand in Michigan, or anywhere nearby.

Benefits of Choosing us for Building Signage in Michigan, US

If you’re based in Michigan, or anywhere nearby in Michigan, and would like to learn more about building signage, please contact us.

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