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Banners are a popular sign choice for many Detroit businesses. They’re cost-effective and easy to have made. They are a great marketing tool that can be used both for your indoor and outdoor space.

When we think about banner printing in Detroit, often we think about retractable banners, banner flags, and hanging banners. However, did you know that we can also create large banners? Contact SignScapes today to learn more.

What are Large Banners?

The most common size for banner signs includes 6’ x 3’, 4’ x 2’, and 8’ x 4’. These sizes are perfect for a multitude of uses and are big enough to be visible from a distance.

Most sign companies offer banner printing that’s 5 ft and however long the roll of vinyl goes. This can give you either a long or wide banner. However, it won’t be enough to cover large surfaces like walls or windows.

Large banners make for great signage. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and versatile. Since they are large banners, they are available in sizes beyond 5ft. This is great for mounting or hanging on wide spaces.

Oversized Custom Banner Printing

Here at SignScapes, we can take care of your large banner needs. We offer banners starting at 6’ x 6’ to however big you want your signs to be. We can go as big as 20’ x 100’ if needed.

These signs are perfect for covering walls and other wide surfaces. Businesses in Michigan hang these on the side of their building. They are big, bold marketing tools that will get noticed anywhere.

Our large format printers can produce vibrant, colorful signs that make a statement. We offer:

  • High-resolution printing
  • Premium vinyl materials
  • UV gloss protection
  • Various options for custom finishes

Uses for Large Banners

Large banners are ideal for temporary use or recurring events. For large signs, they are easy to move around and easy to store. You can also use large banners for decoration, to generate an atmosphere in a room.

Types of Large Banners

Large banners can be hung vertically or horizontally. You can use vertical banners to demarcate the products in aisles of your Detroit, Michigan, grocery store. Or use horizontal large banners to declare a grand opening of your Detroit retail store.

If you’re looking for the best options, don’t fret. You can find these different types being offered by banner sign companies in Michigan:

  1. Step or Repeat Banners
  2. Oversized Hanging Banners
  3. Adjustable Banners
  4. Shade Covers

Promotional Banners

These are vinyl banners used for promoting your business, products, and services. You can add images and graphics that can pique your customer’s interest. Banners are the perfect eye-catching tool to sway customers to make a purchase.

These signs can also be used to promote deals and events. They are great for concerts, local festivals, school games, and the like.

Benefits of Advertising with Banners

There is a myriad of ways advertising with banners can benefit your business. They are highly visible signs. This means people are sure to take notice of your sign and your message.

When you have a tight marketing budget, Detroit banners should be your go-to. Despite being cost-effective, they can create maximum impact on your business. Since they are affordable, you can get multiple banners to fill your business space with ads.

Turnaround time for vinyl banner & sign is also short. Thus, when you need a quick and easy sign solution in Michigan, get banners from SignScapes.

Why Choose Us for Large Banners in Detroit, MI

Large banners can be used indoors or outdoors. Even indoors, large banners tend to sway a little bit, and this is a good thing. That slight motion makes large banners more likely to catch the human eye, thus generating more impressions. Whether you need a large banner for an outdoor event in Detroit or for a sales promotion in a retail store in Detroit, SignScapes can design and manufacture the perfect large banner for you.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Large Banners in Detroit, MI

If you live in Detroit, or anywhere nearby in Michigan, and would like to know more about our process of designing, manufacturing, and installing large banners, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to answer all your questions and get the ball rolling on your new large banner project.

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