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Digital SignsDigital signs display messages on screens. Digital signs are dynamic in that they can have scrolling or changing messages. Boasting both illumination and movement makes digital signs one of the most effective forms of signage around.

Uses for Digital Signs

Digital signs are powerful promotional tools. An analog sign has only one message to display and that’s all it will ever display. Digital signs, however, can cycle through several messages and graphics to communicate different messages. And when you want to change these messages, you simply reprogram the digital sign. This means that if you buy a digital sign for your quick service restaurant in Southfield, Michigan, you will initially pay more than you would for an analog sign, but your digital sign will pay for itself over time.

Types of Digital Signs

Digital signs are usually rectangular, like any screen. Let’s say you manage a retail store in Southfield, you can orient your digital sign horizontally or vertically; whatever works best for your space.

Why Choose Us for Digital Signs in Southfield, MI?

At SignScapes we can design the perfect graphics for your digital sign. Whether you need to cycle through the daily specials in Southfield or advertise the monthly sales in Southfield, we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Choosing us for Digital Signs in Southfield, MI

We don’t just design great looking images for digital signs, we can also ensure the sign itself is durable. If you’re in Southfield, or nearby in Michigan and would like to learn more about digital signs, please contact us.

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