What Are Monument Signs?Monument Signs in Southfield, MI

Monument signs are large outdoor signs identifying businesses, organizations, and buildings. They’re free-standing signs, usually installed at ground level, ensuring all passersby can see them, even from a distance.

A building monument sign will grab attention. If you incorporate its essential elements, installing a monument sign can reinforce your brand and increase foot traffic. Businesses looking to make more sales can even take advantage of monument signs to display offers or discounts.

Uses for Outdoor Monument Signs

Without a monument sign, people might drive right by your Detroit building without a second glance. A monument sign makes your business stand out. Custom monument signs can also create more awareness for new products or services, expand your reach, provide directions to your business location, display business hours or amenities, or announce holiday messages and promotions.

Types of Monument Signs We Install

Monument signs can be simple or intricately designed. Some popular materials for monument signs are stone, stucco, brick, metal, and foam.

Concrete signs can last many years and withstand all weather conditions. If you want to add more elegance and stability, go for stone or brick monument signs. For a rustic-looking sign, wood is a good option. Installing durable monument signs made with either metal or aluminum for a more contemporary look.

Benefits of Personalized Monument Signs

Suppose your business in Detroit, or elsewhere in Michigan, is far away from the nearest road. In that case, a monument sign will generate many more impressions than a window graphic, awning sign, or building signage would. We can make sure you get the perfect monument sign for your business.

Below are the advantages of installing monument signs for your business:

  • Visibility: Monument signs effectively catch a potential client’s attention because they’re installed at eye level. With proper lighting, anyone from a distance can see them, increasing brand awareness.
  • Memorable: An eye-catching design coupled with effective lighting and attractive fonts is the key to creating a monument sign customers will remember. Make it impressive to serve both as an attraction and a landmark.
  • Practicality: If your business is far from the main road, consider installing monument signs near the road to ensure customers can see and find you.
  • Durability: Monument signs are usually made with materials built to last. They can withstand storms and other extreme weather conditions.
  • Cost-Effective: Monument signs can last several years and require little maintenance, making them a cost-effective marketing option.

If you don’t have a monument sign yet, now’s the time to expand your reach. Get in touch with a trusted signage company to design and install a monument sign for your business.

Why Choose Us for Modern Monument Signs?

Whether you’re looking to build more awareness for your brand, increase foot traffic or generate revenue, installing monument signs can help your marketing strategy. Work with an experienced designer who understands the important elements of a monument sign.

At SignScapes, we can advise our clients which materials are best for their monument sign given their budget and aesthetic. We can make fancy and impressive monument signs for important offices in Detroit as well as more affordable but still effective monument signs for small businesses in Detroit. We also handle the installation for you.

If you need monument signs for your business, contact SignScapes today.

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