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Sign Maintenance & RepairWhat is Sign Maintenance & Repair?

Many signs require periodic maintenance and repair. Nothing looks good forever.

Uses for Sign Maintenance & Repair

Even the most durable and well-made signs wear down over time. Occasional sign maintenance and repair is necessary. If you have signs that have seen better days in Novi, Oak Park, or nearby in Michigan, SignScapes can help.

Types of Sign Maintenance & Repair

Digital and lighted signs are the most complex signs, so there is more that can go wrong with them, hence they need maintenance and repairs at higher rates than analog signs. But it also depends on the technology used. For example, an LED sign will require fewer repairs over its lifetime than older sources of illumination.

Why Choose Us for Sign Maintenance & Repair?

At SignScapes, we can provide the maintenance and repairs your signs need to keep looking great year after year. If the bulb has burned out in the lighted sign above your Novi restaurant, we can replace it. If the digital sign in your Oak Park fitness center needs reprogramming, we can help with that.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Sign Maintenance & Repair

Whether it involves rewiring, reprogramming, replacing a bulb, re-painting, re-finishing, or any other type of sign maintenance and repair, SignScapes can handle it. If you’re located in Novi, Oak park, or nearby in Michigan and would like to learn more about sign maintenance and repair please contact us today.

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