Oak Park Custom Metal Signs

Metal SignsWhat are Metal Signs?

Metal is a great material for signs. There are lightweight options and heavier, sturdier forms of metal you can choose for your metal sign.

Uses for Metal Signs

Metal signs can be used anywhere but they are slightly more commonly seen outside. A baked enamel finish helps to weatherproof metal signs so that they are more durable as well as glossier. The last thing you want is to purchase a metal sign to install outside of your Oak Park business only for it to rust after a few months.

Types of Metal Signs

Aluminum is usually the cheapest metal you can use, making aluminum signs a common sight around Oak Park and the rest of Michigan. When you want sturdier metals, you can choose from brass, copper, and stainless steel.

Why Choose Us for Metal Signs in Oak Park, MI?

Choosing just the right type of metal for your sign in Oak Park, or elsewhere can be difficult. At SignScapes, we’re sign experts and we can help you decide which is the best material for your metal sign.

Benefits of Choosing us for Metal Signs in Oak Park, MI

Whether you want some inexpensive aluminum fence signs around your property in Oak Park or want stainless-steel dimensional letters for your building signage in Oak Park, we can make the eye-catching and durable metal signs you need. If you’re located in Oak Park, or nearby in Michigan, and would like to know more about metal signs, please get in touch with us.


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