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School SignsWhat are School Signs?

If you’re a principal or on a schoolboard, signage is probably quite low on your list of concerns. But school signs are important nevertheless.

Uses for School Signs

Want to drum up pride in your school in Oak Park, Michigan? A beautiful sign identifying your school can help do that. Need to avoid having quite so many freshmen wandering around the third floor looking for the chemistry lab in your Oak Park high school? School signs can help with that, too. Instructional signs that advise students what to do –and what not to do– are also important.

Types of School Signs

The sign that identifies your school can be an architectural sign, building sign, or a monument sign. It can simply state the name of the school or it can incorporate other elements such as a school motto and/or replaceable letter tiles to spell out messages like “Go Oak Park High Warriors!” (or whatever nickname you have for your Michigan school’s sports teams). But schools also need very functional signs that identify areas and provide directions.

Why Choose Us for School Signs in Oak Park, MI?

We know school spirit is important to your Oak Park school. But we also know that school boards often operate on tight budgets. We can make you the school signs you need for an affordable price.

Benefits of Choosing Us for School Signs in Oak Park, MI

If you manage a school in Oak Park, or elsewhere in Michigan and would like to learn more about school signs, please contact us.

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