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Post and panel signs are a type of exterior signage that includes a customized board sign mounted on supporting posts. Sometimes the sign includes a message panel. These signs are versatile and affordable, and they are typically easier to develop and install than other sign styles.

There is no one “best” way to utilize a post and panel sign, as they are made for multi-purpose use. Fledgling business owners can use them as primary signage to promote a new office location. Church leaders often use these signs to identify their church and to provide information or inspiration to those driving through the neighborhood.

You can use these signs to promote your business, as wayfinding and directional signs, or to announce a temporary event or sale.

Types of Post and Panel Signs

Even with its inherently simple construction and design, this type of signage can be configured in many different ways, depending on your particular business needs. Some of the most common types of signs include:

  • Site specific temporary: Inexpensive and often temporary, site-specific or yard signs are constructed using vinyl or plastic sign material and a metal or plastic post/base.
  • Single post: A single panel advertises or informs passersby. This panel is attached to a base composed of a single or double post inserted into the ground.
  • Wayfinding and directional signage: These signs help to direct visitors to important areas of your business. They are particularly beneficial for companies with multiple buildings or spread across a large piece of property.
  • Message Board Signs: Consisting of single or double panes with included changeable message channels or custom messaging, these signs are popular because they allow you to communicate important information or promotional material to current and potential clients who might be passing by the location.

Custom Post and Panel Signs

The simple, straightforward construction of these signs makes them easy to customize for your specific business needs. You can choose from dozens of material, size, and style combinations to create the perfect signage to promote your brand.


The most commonly used material in post signage is aluminum or Aluminite, a composite of aluminum with a high-density polypropylene core. Other types include foam-core, plywood, wood, and PVC.


By definition, these signs are simple, but they are easy to embellish by using decorative post caps/posts, special finishes, or graphics. You can also carve or sandblast your logo into the sign face to give it a unique, hand-crafted look.


Exterior signs such as the post and panel style benefit from some form of lighting, particularly if you plan to use them to provide direction or information. Lighting options vary, but usually include external spotlight mounts, internal illumination/LED strips, or pole lighting.

SignScapes for Innovative Post And Panel Signage

At SignScapes, we are proud to be Detroit’s premiere outdoor signage solution for your brand promotion needs. Our team has more than two decades of experience in the industry and a dedication to producing high quality, environmentally-conscious commercial signage. We have a variety of styles that can be customized for whatever your business needs. Contact us for a free consultation and see how we can help you expand your consumer base.

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