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Channel Letter Signs in Southfield, MI

Channel letters are custom-made, three-dimensional letters for signs. Channel letter signs are generally illuminated. Channel letter signs that are not illuminated are usually called dimensional letter signs.

Uses for Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are most often used externally, though they are occasionally used indoors. Because channel letter signs are illuminated, they generate more impressions than non-electric signs. A channel letter sign promoting a Southfield, Michigan, bar will stand out in all weather conditions.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

Common materials for channel letter signs include different types of plastic and metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and more. Channel letter signs can be installed directly on the surface of a wall or mounted on a raceway or wireway that is attached to the wall. A raceway is a type of mounting structure that also houses the electrical components of the sign. A wireway is similar but typically contains only wiring, making them thinner than raceways.

Why Choose Us for Channel Letter Signs in Southfield, MI?

No two channel letter signs are the same. The channel letter sign needed for a Southfield retail store will be different from the one needed for a Southfield restaurant. SignScapes can make them all.

Benefits of Choosing us for Channel Letter Signs in Southfield, MI

Our channel letter signs are eye-catching and durable. If you manage a business in Southfield, or nearby in Michigan and would like to learn more about channel letter signs, please contact us.

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