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Awning SignsAwnings are useful for keeping the sun off your Detroit, retail store or sheltering patrons of your Detroit café from sun and rain. Awnings are useful, but they’re a lot more useful if you have a sign on them. A custom awning sign that features your company’s name or logo will be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Not only will it level up the look of your storefront, but it will boost your local advertising efforts too.

Our team at SignScapes knows just how important it is to showcase your brand in Detroit. We develop a wide range of business signs for companies in the Michigan area looking to showcase their brand and get noticed by their target customers. Awning signs for business are a key type of sign that will be effective in this regard, and you can count on our team at SignScapes to work with you to develop a great one.

Uses for Awning Signs

Detroit and the rest of Michigan receive four distinct seasons. Sun, wind, snow, and rain can damage storefronts and make sitting outside uncomfortable. Beyond its primary function, awnings also provide prime signage for real estate. Consider the following ways to use a commercial awning sign:

  • Pique attention from passersby: An awning that’s outfitted with your company name and logo will become an important fixture for your storefront. When passersby are close to your business, they’re likely to take notice of your business thanks to this branded, eye-catching awning. This powerful marketing tool will also allow them to recognize your business more easily.
  • Protect your business and customers: An awning will help protect your storefront from the elements. Outdoors, you’ll boast a cleaner storefront that appeals to customers. In addition, an awning will offer shade and cover for your customers, whether they’re dining outside or stopping to look at your window signage. Indoors, your employees and customers will appreciate your awning as it can help reduce glare to create a more comfortable business environment.
  • Stand out in the neighbourhood: Help set your business apart with a branded awning. It can be custom-crafted with a specific style or design to strike the right note for your facility. It will also help you stand out from nearby competitors.

Types of Awning Signs

Awning signs almost always identify the business to which they are attached and brand the surrounding area. An awning sign might have the name of your business, a company logo, a slogan, a telephone number, a website address, or a fun graphic.

To learn more about available awning signs near you, connect with us at SignScapes. Our team will walk you through the types of awnings that are suitable for your storefront and align with your objectives. We work closely with you to better understand your business and its location, so we can deliver an awning that adds value to your marketing strategy.

Why Choose Us for Awning Signs in Detroit, MI?

SignScapes can design for you noticeable and aesthetically pleasing awning signs. Want to identify your Detroit retail store in a way that is on-brand? We can make that awning sign for you. Want to welcome patrons to the patio of your restaurant in Detroit with a nice drawing of a big bowl of pasta? We can design that awning sign for you, too.

There are a wide variety of business canopy signs to select from, which may seem daunting at first. However, our team will guide you in making the best decision for your facility. By providing support from the initial consultation through to the final installation, our signage specialists ensure your project is fulfilled beautifully.

We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for your awning and signage needs. Plus, you can count on the high-quality materials and advanced technology we use to craft all our signage products, ensuring you receive the best awning signs for your business needs.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Awning Signs in Detroit, MI

If you need an awning sign in Detroit, or nearby in Michigan, we can make it for you quickly and for an affordable price. Do you have a question about awning signs? Please get in touch with us.

As a trusted sign and awning company near you, we look forward to partnering on your next signage project. To get started, we invite you to connect with us and request a free consultation with our sign experts.

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