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In busy or competitive business markets, signage that helps you stand out is paramount. You may feel that it’s difficult to promote your brand and set your business apart. However, prominent signs are one tool that can help, specifically pole signs.

Pole signs are designed with visibility top of mind. A sign cannot be effective if it cannot be seen. One way to increase visibility, especially outdoors, is to go high. Pole signs feature sign panels on top of poles. These signs are mounted high so that they can be seen from a distance. Your brand will be elevated to new heights so that you generate more impressions and attract more people to your business.

While some types of signs can be produced and/or installed on your own, pole signs require support from an experienced signage company. Businesses in Detroit, MI, are invited to reach out to SignScapes for professional guidance. Our team has the knowledge, tools, experience, and equipment to design, produce, and install premium pole signage for your business.

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Uses for Pole Signs

The greater a sign’s visibility, the more impressions it generates. Need your Detroit retail store to stand out against the competition? A pole sign can do that. Need to be seen by passing motorists in Detroit Heights? A pole sign can do that, too.

Here are some of the many ways outdoor pole signs can benefit your business:

  • Visibility: Create a beacon for your business with a tall, free-standing pole banner sign that’s easily noticeable.
  • Wayfinding: Guide new customers and prospects to your location with a sign that can be seen from a distance.
  • Longevity: Take advantage of premium, durable materials that will give your sign a long lifespan and create a 24/7 marketing partner you can depend on for years.
  • Brand Recall: Build awareness of your brand and keep your business top of mind for existing and new customers.

Types of Pole Signs

The panel atop a pole sign should be as big as the pole is tall, to maximize visibility. All the text and graphics on the pole sign must be large as well. Further, there are different types of pole signs for business to select from, including:

  • Single pole: This type of sign uses a central pole to hold up the sign panel.
  • Double pole: This type of sign features two poles on either side of the sign panel. This design provides additional stability, which is why it’s used to support larger, heavier sign panels.

You also have the option to select a sign panel that’s single sided or double sided. As you make this decision, be sure to consider where your sign will be installed. For example, roadside signs are often more effective when double sided, as traffic is travelling from both directions, whereas a sign that’s placed close to your facility may only need a single side.

If you’re not sure which sign type to select and/or how to customize your sign panel to increase its effectiveness, you can count on SignScapes. Our professional team is well versed in crafting successful signage. We’ll discuss your options and walk you through the decisions that will make your sign visible and impactful in its intended location.

Why Choose Us for Pole Signs in Detroit, MI?

At SignScapes, we know how to make effective and durable pole signs. Whether you need a pole sign that makes your Detroit Heights quick service restaurant look irresistible to passing motorists or a pole sign that is unique yet on-brand for your Detroit furniture store, we can make it for you.

We also offer our customers end-to-end support in bringing their signs to life. As a complete signage provider, from consultation through to installation, we will support your entire journey. When you’re looking for a pole sign company near you who can handle your project seamlessly, be sure to give us a call.

Benefits of Choosing us for Pole Signs in Detroit, MI

At SignScapes, you get expert design and quality manufacturing. We also handle permits and applications to make sure you have clearance for the pole sign that you want. We know how to find out all the relevant regulations and bylaws in Detroit Heights, and elsewhere in Michigan. To learn more about pole signs, please contact us.

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