Royal Oak Custom Awning Signs

Awning SignsWhat are Awning Signs?

Awnings are useful for keeping the sun off your Royal Oak, retail store or sheltering patrons of your Royal Oak café from sun and rain. Awnings are useful; but they’re a lot more useful if you have a sign on them.

Uses for Awning Signs

Royal Oak, and the rest of Michigan receives four distinct seasons. Sun, wind, snow, and rain can damage storefronts and make sitting outside uncomfortable. Beyond its primary function, awnings also provide prime signage real estate.

Types of Awning Signs

Awning signs almost always identify the business to which they are attached and brand the surrounding area. An awning sign might have the name of your business, a company logo, a slogan, a telephone number, website address, or a fun graphic.

Why Choose Us for Awning Signs in Royal Oak, MI?

SignScapes can design for you noticeable and aesthetically pleasing awning signs. Want to identify your Royal Oak retail store in a way that is on-brand? We can make that awning sign for you. Want to welcome patrons to the patio of your restaurant in Royal Oak with a nice drawing of a big bowl of pasta? We can design that awning sign for you, too.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Awning Signs in Royal Oak, MI

If you need an awning sign in Royal Oak, or nearby in Michigan, we can make it for you quickly and for an affordable price. Do you have a question about awning signs? Please get in touch with us.

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