4 Critical Considerations for Effective Business Sign Installation in Southfield, MI

Four Critical Considerations for Effective Business Sign Installation in Southfield, MI

As the title suggests, today’s post shares 4 important tips for a perfect business sign installation, courtesy of our business sign installation experts in Southfield, Michigan. Call 248-354-8346 for a free quote.

1.  Consider Business Sign Luminance

Does your business operate at night? If so, you’ll need to light it up. Some signs come with internal lighting, such as channel letters and electronic message boards, but many sign types will require external set-ups.

Optimal business sign lighting placement and luminance varies depending on a number of factors, including ambient light levels, the presence of nearby signs, the viewing distance of the target audience, and more. Contact SignScapes to discuss lighting options and optional luminance–we offer full installation support.

2. Consider Audience Speed, Distance, and Viewing Angle

The speed and viewing angle of your audience determines ideal business sign size. Compared to drivers, pedestrians will have more time to spot and read your message, which means you can get away with smaller signs that contain more information (although even then, brevity is best!). The International Sign Association (ISA) website recommends designing signs with letters a minimum of one-inch (1″)  tall for every twenty-five feet (25′) of distance. This makes them readable for all legal drivers. Additionally, the ISA recommends that business signs mounted parallel to roadways be at least 70% larger than business signs mounted perpendicular to roadways, since front-and-center is always the most dominant viewing angle.

3.  Consider Dynamic Business Sign Obstructions

Nobody needs to be told not to place their signs behind static obstructions–walls, for instance. But the same is not true of dynamic obstructions, like parked cars, construction equipment, snow banks, hot dog carts, and blooming foliage. Since they come and go, there’s always a chance you’ll miss them while scouting out the perfect spot.

Avoid dynamic obstructions by conducting multiple assessments of the installation site. Creating custom business signs takes time–supersized custom signage could take months–so you should have the opportunity to thoroughly scout the location and identify any “pop-up” obstructions. If you don’t have that kind of time, at least observe the site over the course of a day to see how traffic and changing light conditions affect visibility.

Consider Southfield’s Sign Ordinances

Before you start the installation–or even start designing your sign, for that matter–make sure you know what the municipality allows. The City of Southfield is just as strict as any other municipality when it comes to enforcing business sign regulations, but you can avoid fines and costly redesigns by familiarizing yourself with Chapter 99 of the Code of the City of Southfield, “Signs.”

Alternatively, you can save yourself the study time by partnering with a business sign company that specializes in Southfield sign permits, applications, and ordinances, like SignScapes. Our business sign design and installation team works with you every step of the way to ensure everything stays 100% compliant with Southfield zoning law.

Free Business Sign Installation Quote in Southfield, MI

SignScapes is proud to offer full business sign installation support for companies in Southfield, Michigan and the surrounding areas. Call 248-354-8346 or visit the SignScapes website to book a free consultation and get a quote today.


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