How to Increase Return on Investment with Commercial Signs in Southfield, MI

How to Increase Return on Investment with Commercial Signs in Southfield, MI

Today’s post spotlights 3 proven-effective design practices Southfield businesses use to increase their return on investment in commercial signs.

What are the Essential Attributes for Effective Commercial Signs

The goal of the Sign Research Foundation’s Retail Signage: Practice to Increase Return on Investment report was to identify high-level commercial sign design practices that generate tangible business boosts. Researchers studied commercial sign designs used at restaurant chains, apparel stores, banks, convenience stores, strip shopping centers, and downtown districts.

At the end of their literature review, researchers identified 3 leading attributes required for effective commercial signage–all 3 of which, you’ll be pleased to learn, are at the core of the SignScapes commercial sign design process.

The following 3 design elements consistently stood out in case studies, helping big brands generate big returns on their commercial sign investment.

1.  Legibility: Create Clear Commercial Signs

The best designs are clean, simple, and limited to a few distinctive colors. To stand out from afar, avoid crowded sign copy, fancy fonts, or complex images.

This is exemplified in the Sign Research Foundation’s Buffalo Wild Wing case study, where “a balance of symbol, color, type, and pattern ensured the message is conveyed from long distances.”

If you want your message to get spotted more often and from farther than ever before, our Southfield design team can help. Whether you need distinctive dimensional lettering or high-resolution graphics, we have the technology and design experience to make your message stand out.

2.  Enjoyable To View: Create Exciting Commercial Signs

Beyond aesthetics, sign systems must be refreshed often to create a dynamic and exciting in-store experience for return customers.

This was shown to be a key factor in the success of H&M’s marketing strategy in the case study on page 5 of the Sign Research Foundation report. Only a small palette of signs stayed consistent in the store; the majority of sign graphics and displays changed frequently, keeping pace with changing fashion trends.

When you partner with an all-in-one commercial sign provider like SignScapes, it’s easy and affordable to continually refresh your design. We have a huge catalog of commercial sign styles and our in-house design team has no shortage of inspiration. Plan your dynamic promotional campaigns for the year and order multiple sign systems in bulk to unlock big savings.

3.  Quality: Create Impressive Commercial Signs

Even dead-simple designs can look iconic and authoritative with the right sign materials. This was evident in the Sign Research Foundation’s Classen Curve case study.

Classen Curve’s signage is as simple as it gets: white dimensional lettering on a black background. To create their iconic look, Classen Curve relies entirely on “high-quality elements that use strong materials, both for the foreground icons and the sign backgrounds.” Low quality materials couldn’t pull off this modern and minimalist look.

Whatever design you have in mind, our team will bring it to life with superior craftsmanship and premium materials.

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