3 Easy Ways To Evaluate Sign Shops Near Me

3 Easy Ways To Evaluate Sign Shops Near Me

How do I evaluate sign shops near me? After all, you’re not a sign expert and you don’t have time for endless consultations.

Today’s post shares 3 easy tips to evaluate local sign shops with a few minutes of online research.

1.  Research Reviews Of Sign Shops Near Me

Before the internet era, before “Google” was a verb, we all relied on the referrals of friends and family members to point us toward quality businesses. But now, thanks to third-party review platforms like Google My Business, we can tap into the collective experience of all consumers with a few keystrokes.

Before you pay a penny or waste a single second on a dead-end consultation, take a moment to Google the company in question. For instance, searching for “Southfield SignScapes reviews” will link you to 5-star reviews on our Facebook page and Google My Business listing. Reviews never tell the whole story, but they’re a great first step in the screening process.

2.  Flip Through The Sign Shop’s Social Media Channels

Most modern sign shops now use social media to showcase their work and connect with local audiences, which makes consumer research much easier. Flipping through the Big Four social media channels—Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—can tell you a lot about how a sign shop does business, and show you exactly what kind of work they’re capable of.

For instance, let’s suppose you’re a busy business owner shopping for a complete signage system, and you want to be sure the company’s up to the job before you bother with a consultation. When you need to evaluate a sign shop’s large project capabilities, Instagram is a great place to start, as the app allows sign shops to share multiple photos in a single post, which shop owners do to showcase big projects.

Visit @misignscapes and you’ll find several such sign system showcases, like our recent office overhaul for City Year Detroit, which included a logo wall, lenticular wall, magnetic wall, writable whiteboard wall, and frosted window vinyl, all of which was completely custom-built according to the client’s specs. It’s the best way to see what we’re capable of, aside from driving around Southfield and seeing our projects in person.

A sign shop’s Facebook page can also tell you a lot, from basic business information like store hours and special promotions, to how they handle customer service and/or complaints. Facebook is also becoming an increasingly authoritative review hub, as users have less anonymity and spam accounts are easier to spot. You can check the SignScapes Facebook review page for a look at what Southfield clients are saying about us.

3.  Check Service Offerings To Assess Local Expertise At-A-glance

Whatever your sign project, you’ll want to be sure that you choose a company with local expertise—that is, knowledge of your city sign ordinances. Every city has different bylaws that regulate sign design, illumination, installation, and maintenance. Failing to abide by these bylaws can result in fines and redesign costs.

At SignScapes, every sign project is informed by expert knowledge of Southfield’s Code of Ordinances. You can tell by checking out the Services listed on our website—if you see Sign Application and Permitting services, you know you’re in good hands.

Free Quote From A Sign Shop Near Me

SignScapes proudly serves business owners and private buyers throughout Southfield and the surrounding areas.

Not a Michigan local? Not a problem! We also offer remote design and nationwide sign shipping.

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