Secret Ingredients’ For Better Restaurant Sign Design

Secret Ingredients' For Better Restaurant Sign Design

In today’s post, the SignScapes team shares 3 ‘secret ingredients’ for restaurant sign design success. Read on or call 1-248-354-8346 to speak directly with a restaurant sign design specialist.

Leverage Color Theory To Evoke The Right Emotions

There’s plenty of research already published on the effects of color psychology in food marketing. Suffice it to say, colors evoke different emotions and associations, and the right choice of colors can actually make viewers feel hungry!

Studies show that your body secretes more serotonin, the feel-good hormone when you’re exposed to vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. Beyond capturing our attention, these colors elicit feelings of warmth and comfort often associated with hearty meals, which can help you drive impulse sales. On the other hand, using green in your juice bar or vegetarian restaurant sign design can signal to viewers that you offer lighter, healthier, plant-based choices.

At SignScapes, we’re well-versed in the psychology of color and its effects on restaurant sign design. Get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss how we can leverage different colors to bring your restaurant sign design to life!

Know When To Take A “Meat And Potatoes” Approach

Just because you can design something elaborate or avant garde doesn’t always mean you should! In the same way that molecular gastronomy doesn’t fit on most diner menus, certain sign applications call for simple designs.

One of the most obvious examples is safety signage, where function always beats form. There’s no place for fancy fonts or abstract design on COVID-19 table graphics or wet floor signage—they need to be highly visible and highly legible. Using stock designs or templates for safety signs is usually a good idea, not only because it saves time and graphic design costs, but also because these designs are universally recognizable.

To see some effective “meat and potatoes” design templates in action, check the SignScapes Instagram page (@misignscapes) for a look at some of our COVID-19 restaurant reopening signs.

Embrace Dynamic Digital Designs For Better Custom Experiences

Digital menu boards give restaurant owners the option to swap out offerings, promotions, and seasonal offerings anytime, and these displays boost overall sales by 3-5%, according to digital sign research. But dynamic menu board displays also improve the diner experience by putting engaging imagery or video media in front of customers waiting in line. You can even use the screens to show customers their waiting lines or display queue numbers.

Free Restaurant Sign Designs In Southfield, MI

Whether you need towering pylon signs to get your restaurant spotted from the I-75 or effective COVID-19 signage to keep guests safe, SignScapes can help. We’re a leading provider of custom restaurant signage for restaurateurs throughout Southfield and the surrounding communities. We also provide remote design services and nationwide restaurant sign delivery for clients located outside of Michigan.

Visit the SignScapes website or call 1-248-354-8346 to start a restaurant sign design consultation and get a free quote.


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