How Digital Building Directories Are Transforming Workplace Efficiency?

If you’ve ever entered a multi-tenant or multi-residential complex, then you know just how important directory signs can be. These signs allow people to find the location of the business or person they came to visit — and do so quickly, easily, and independently. Not only does this set the stage for a great guest experience, but it also supports efficiency, which is a desirable outcome you don’t want to miss out on.

What is a Digital Building Directory Sign?

Before we dive into how these digital signs are transforming workplaces for the better, let’s explore what they are. A directory sign, in general, is a display that’s commonly found in the entrance area or lobby of a building. It communicates information about the tenants or residents that can be found on-site, as well as their location.

When it comes to digital building directory signs specifically, these signs boast a more modern approach in that they incorporate the use of technology. Instead of a static signboard, a digital sign features a display and sometimes a touchscreen for a more dynamic experience. The software in a digital directory sign presents a user-friendly experience for guests and offers business owners the ability to update listings and building information in real time, when needed. In some instances, a digital sign can even be developed to share wayfinding information, news, events, service updates, and more.

Static vs Digital Building Directory Signs

When it comes to deciding between a static or digital directory sign for your business, it’s important to note that both are effective sign options. Both types of signs can be hooked up to a buzzer system, enabling guests to connect with whom they came to visit. The choice between static vs digital signs comes down to the size of your building, the volume of information you need to share, and what will serve your guests best.

For example, in a small office building with only a few tenants, a static directory sign is ideal. This sign can be crafted to list the businesses on-site and identify where guests can find them, whether that be a specific room number, floor, or both.

However, large business complexes, apartment buildings, and other big facilities will benefit most from a digital building directory sign that can house listings for many tenants or residents as well as additional visitor information. Rather than install a static sign that displays a long list of 10, 100, or 1,000 individuals onsite, this information and more can be contained within a digital display that allows users to easily find what they need.

Industries Using Digital Building Directory Signs

Businesses in a wide range of industries are taking advantage of digital directories to support their customers and guests, while also enhancing efficiency within their workplace. In addition to listing on-site tenants and residents, many industries use digital signs to display further information that their guests and customers require. Some of these industries include:

  • Airports, train, and bus stations directories that list scheduling information; train, platform, or gate locations; real-time service updates; and more details travelers need.
  • Corporate buildings and office complex directories that display the businesses located on-site, meeting schedules, conference room bookings, and more.
  • Medical facilities and hospital directories allow patients and guests to find the department they’re looking for and access information related to parking, visiting hours, and more.
  • Residential complex directories that list individual tenants along with information for delivery personnel. Directory signage typically also features a buzzer system so guests can connect with tenants and building staff.
  • Retail complexes and shopping mall directories that list the stores on-site, their hours of operation, how to find them, and even promotional information related to sales and events.

How a Digital Building Directory Sign Will Enhance Your Workplace Efficiency

The features of a digital sign make it an effective tool for supporting the efficiency of your workplace. Consider some of the following enhancements:

  • Allow Guests to Self-Serve
    An interactive sign will allow your guests to find what they need independently. This can help free up your teams to focus on their tasks instead of attending to guests and answering questions throughout the day. You can consider your digital building directory sign to be a key installment in your business that enhances the guest experience thanks to its user-friendly interface.
  • Support the Flow of Foot Traffic Onsite
    The multimedia capabilities of digital signs can support maps, navigational tools, and more features to guide guests. Once they have located their destination on the sign and made note of how to get there, they’ll be well-informed on how to navigate with ease. These helpful signage features will support foot traffic in your business to keep people moving and limit congestion.
  • Implement Real-Time Updates
    The software that fuels a digital sign makes it easy for you and your team to share real-time updates when needed. If a tenant changes or a new business moves onsite, you’ll be able to update your directory quickly and easily so that visitors can always access the latest listing.
  • Display Details About News, Events, and Disruptions
    In healthcare facilities, transit hubs, and more establishments, the ability to provide the latest information when guests arrive is paramount. Your digital sign will act as a key communications tool for sharing news about service disruptions, detours, closures, events, and other critical details guests need to know.
  • Customize your Digital Building Directory Sign to Suit Your Needs
    Arguably the biggest benefit of digital signs is that they can be customized to suit the needs of your specific industry and business. A sign’s design, layout, content, and other preferences can be personalized so that it delivers the most efficiency for your establishment and best supports your guests’ needs.

Explore Your Options for Digital Building Directory Signs in Detroit, MI

Connect with the professional signage team at SignScapes to take the first steps toward transforming efficiency in your workplace with a digital building directory sign. We’ll walk you through all the steps needed to ensure your sign is planned, designed, crafted, and installed to bring your business the most benefits while also offering a seamless user experience for your guests. To get started, simply reach out to us today and learn more.


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