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Vehicle Wraps And Graphics Maintenance: How To Look Sharp All Winter

Vehicle Wraps And Graphics Maintenance: How To Look Sharp All Winter

In a seminal study by 3M, researchers ranked vehicle wraps and graphics as the #1 most cost-effective advertising asset for businesses. But if you want yours to work all winter, you’ll need to know these 3 maintenance tips.

Read on to learn how to keep your vehicle wraps and graphics looking great all winter, or call 1-248-354-8346 to speak with our team in Southfield, MI.

Keep Snow Scrapers Away From Your Vehicle Wraps And Graphics

With local news outlets predicting plenty of snowfall anticipated in Southfield over the next few weeks, we at SignScapes would like to take this opportunity to remind readers of two things:

  1. Be sure to scrape off your windshield and windows before driving for safety reasons.
  2. However, do not use your snow scraper on your custom vehicle wraps and graphics!

Scrapers and hard brushes can wreak havoc on vehicle wraps and graphics, scratching up finely tuned marketing messages, and sometimes even causing lifts or tears. That said, it is a good idea to clear snow, ice, and slush off of your vehicle wraps and graphics ASAP. After all, not only does caked-on snow and ice speed up wear, but worse, it also covers up the marketing message you paid to display!

So if we cannot brush or scrape the snow away, what are we to do?

The best option is to invest in an approved soft brush and do your best to get to it early, before the snow hardens. Alternatively, you can simply keep a cloth or towel in your vehicle, along with some water-proof gloves, to gently wipe the snow off your wrap. If you’re dealing with caked-on snow, ice, or other stuck-on debris from winter roads, run some warm water over these problem areas first, then wipe it away with your towel or soft brush as normal.

Clean Salt Off Of Your Vehicle Wraps And Graphics ASAP

When left for longer periods, salt can dehydrate and corrode vinyl wraps, degrading the quality of the image. Accordingly, iIt’s a good idea to increase the frequency of your vehicle wrap and graphic maintenance during the winter months, particularly on icy days when the roads get salted.

In most cases, one wash per week will be enough to head off any salt damage, although we recommend spot-cleaning any particularly heavy build up ASAP after driving on icy roads. Follow all the usual cleaning instructions, avoiding abrasive scrubbers, automatic car washes, power washers, and waxes.

Get Holes Or Scratches Fixed Immediately

If you notice a hole or tear in your vehicle wrap or graphic, contact our Southfield repair team immediately. The longer it remains untreated, the more salt and water gets in, and the greater the risk of further lifting, cracking, and tearing. Touch ups are cheap and easy, and they can spare you a lot of wintertime woes.

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