Top-4 Misconceptions About Custom Building Signage In Southfield, MI

Top-4 Misconceptions About Custom Building Signage In Southfield, MI

Though custom building signage is all over Southfield, it remains a mystery to many business owners, many of whom wrongly assume it’s either too expensive or construction-intensive for their needs.

Today’s post sets the record straight, addressing 4 of the most common myths and misconceptions that first-time buyers bring up during their custom building signage consultation.

Read on to learn a bit about this surprisingly affordable and endlessly customizable advertising option, or call 1-248-354-8346 to speak directly with our Southfield sign team.

Myth #1: Custom Building Signage Is Always A Big-Ticket Item

This custom building signage myth is likely the result of its dragnet definition, which encompasses everything from towering architectural signage and billboards to simple, outward-facing window displays.

Can custom building signage be expensive? Sure. And if you want the best architectural building signage money can buy, you’ll find it all at SignScapes. But if you’re looking to add custom building signage without breaking the bank, there are plenty of options open to you.

Some more budget-friendly custom building signage options include:

  • Projecting business signs (i.e. blade signs)
  • Window and wall signs
  • Hanging building signs
  • Tenant signs
  • Window lettering and graphics
  • Temporary building signs

As with our more expensive options, all signage is completely customizable, and we provide full installation support.

Myth #2: All Custom Building Signage Requires Major Architectural Modification

While it’s true that some custom building signage requires heavy-duty installation and electrification—some may even be incorporated right into the structure of the building—that’s not always the case. Many types of custom building signage can be mounted without any major drilling, electrification, or cutting concrete required, so don’t be intimidated by the prospect of invasive installs.

Myth #3: Custom Building Signage Permits Are Painful To Acquire

Unless you’ve got plenty of experience with Southfield’s Code of Ordinances, and a knack for navigating red tape, we don’t recommend trying to get a permit for custom building signage on your own. That can be pretty painful.

But when you work with SignScapes, you never have to stress about sign code compliance or permit acquisition. We provide full support and keep your design, size, and lightning specifications up-to-code every step of the way.

Myth #4: Custom Building Signage Takes Months To Produce

While it’s true that custom building signage projects involve a lot of moving parts, that doesn’t mean your project has to drag, especially when you source your custom building signage from a one-stop sign shop like SignScapes.

By working with our team, you get access to the complete services of our graphic designers, branding/marketing consultants, installation experts, sign code specialists, and manufacturing team, all under one roof, saving you all the extra trips and project-management headaches that come with trying to coordinate separate teams. So whether you’re ordering a simple print-and-stick window graphic, or bespoke architectural signage with fancy external lighting rigs, you can expect timely service and complete customer satisfaction at SignScapes.

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