The Dos And Don’ts Of Lighted Restaurant Signs

The Dos And Don'ts Of Lighted Restaurant Signs

When done right, lighted restaurant signs are one of the best marketing investments restaurateurs and franchise owners can make. Today’s post reviews some simple do’s and don’ts to help you save money and get great results from your lighted restaurant sign.

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Don’t Forget To Get The Right Permits For Lighted Restaurant Signs

According to Section 8.42 (1) of Southfield’s Code of Ordinances, “Any sign that makes use of electricity shall, in addition to a sign permit, require an electrical permit, and electrical inspection prior to the installation of said sign, regardless of size.”

Failing to secure a permit for your lighted restaurant signs could result in hefty fines. Save the money and the headaches by partnering with a sign shop that specializes in lighted restaurant sign applications and permits. If you live in Southfield or the surrounding areas, help is closer than you think—simply call 1-248-354-8346 to speak with our lighted restaurant sign permit specialists today.

Do Run Lighted Restaurant Signs Any Time Of Day

Most people assume that lighted restaurant signs are meant solely for nighttime use, but this is a misconception. Lighted restaurant signs are used during the day throughout Southfield by leading eateries to increase visibility (especially in poor weather) and boost brand image. Our modern, energy-efficient lighted restaurant signs make round-the-clock illumination more affordable and eco-friendly than ever.

Don’t Buy Flashing Or Intermittent Lighted Restaurant Signs

You might think flashing lights make your lighted restaurant sign stand out—and you’d be right—but that’s not always a good thing. In this case, flashing or intermittent lighting usually comes off as obnoxious, not enticing, and strobe-lit restaurant signs can actually be quite dangerous for drivers, as well as individuals who experience photosensitivity and seizures.

If that’s not enough of a reason to steer clear of flashing restaurant sign lights, know that they’re banned in Southfield’s Code of Ordinances. According to Section 8.42 (2), “illumination must be constant (not flashing or intermittent) and shall be shielded from adjacent properties and not create a hazard to vehicular traffic.”

If you want dynamic lighting elements, consider some digital restaurant sign options instead. These can be programmed to display video, picture slideshows, rotating menus, and more, giving you the same eye-catching movement without breaking Southfield sign laws.

Do Be Sure To Prevent Lighted Restaurant Sign Glare And Spillage

According to Section 8.42 (3) of the Southfield Code of Ordinances, “there shall be no spillage of illumination or glare onto public or private roads, and lights shall be so shielded or aimed that glare is prevented from spilling onto adjacent properties.”

Accordingly, before you put your lighted restaurant sign to work, you’ll need to shield or aim the lights in a way that prevents any glare or spillage. And this doesn’t have to cost extra—at SignScapes, we can keep your lighted restaurant sign compliant without the need for extraneous equipment.

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