Sign Design Tips For Better Business Marketing In Southfield, MI

Sign Design Tips For Better Business Marketing In Southfield, MI

Today’s post runs down some basic sign design tips to improve your business marketing and branding results, then explains how to book a free sign design consultation in Southfield, Michigan.

1. How To Invest In Ethical Sign Design For Better Business Marketing In Southfield, MI?

Over the past few decades, accessibility and inclusiveness have risen to the forefront of a new ethical design approach that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Today, all permanent sign designs must comply with all stipulations outlined in the ADA’s 2010 Standards for Accessible Design, which ensures that all business signage is accessible to persons with disabilities. If you neglect this ethical obligation, you may be fined. But the reputational damage goes much deeper.

Though it may not seem like a big deal to gloss over a few design details, choosing the wrong serif type or character case sends a powerful and exclusionary message. When you think of all the money brands spend promoting their ethical image each year—and how quickly an ADA lawsuit can bring down a business—you’ll quickly realize it’s worth minding the details of your sign design.

Make sure you follow all the design standards listed in Section 703 of the ADA’s 2010 Standards document—or just work with SignScapes for effortless compliance.

2.  Pay Attention To Proven Sign Design Practices To Beat The Competition

Signage is the workhorse of the business marketing industry, so it’s little wonder that volumes of research has been conducted on sign design best practices.

After studying business sign performance in multiple industries, researchers at the International Sign Association concluded that the following attributes were most effective:

  1. Legibility—Is your sign clear and easy to read?
  2. Entertainment value—Is your sign enjoyable to view?
  3. Information value—Does your sign share important information effectively?
  4. Quality—Is your sign professionally made and aesthetically pleasing?
  5. Size—Is your sign appropriately scaled?
  6. Uniqueness—Is your sign banal or one-of-a-kind?

The ISA’s list is by no means exhaustive, and best practices are constantly evolving. For more sign design insights, book a free consultation with our team—though we primarily serve Southfield businesses, remote sign design services are available nationwide.

Free Sign Design Quote In Southfield, MI — Call 248-354-8346

Though every customer and sign design is different, we always guarantee:

  • Limitless design potential—Whether you want to design something from scratch or reproduce existing brand materials, our talented designers are up to the task.
  • Unparalleled quality—As members of the SignWorld Business Alliance, a partnership of more than 330+ sign companies across the country, we maintain exacting training/hiring standards and work only with premium materials.
  • One-stop shop convenience—Meet all your signage needs under one roof. In addition to our custom sign design, we offer sign manufacturing, large format printing, installation/repair services, and full support with Southfield sign applications and permits.
  • Multi-industry design experience—Our talented graphic designers work with restaurateurs, realtors, retail salespeople, hospitals, churches, schools, business parks, government clientele, construction site managers, universities, law offices, car dealerships, dental offices, and just about every other industry and market segment you can think of.
  • Free quotes—We offer complete sign consultations at no charge and with no sales pressure. Talk with our team and find out what we can do for you.

SignScapes proudly serves businesses, entrepreneurs, and private buyers throughout Southfield, Michigan and all the surrounding areas. Custom sign design consultations are also available remotely for clients nationwide.

Call 248-354-8346 now or book online to see why so many Southfield businesses and private buyers trust our team for their custom sign designs.


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