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Sign Buying Guide: Real Results From Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

Sign Buying Guide: Real Results from Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

If you’re searching for “commercial sign companies near me,” then you’re in the market for new business signage. To help you make an informed purchase, today’s post spotlights two of the most popular commercial sign options for first-time buyers, then shares some real results from our custom design team.

Read on to learn what’s possible with your outdoor advertising system, or call (248)-354-8346 for a free consultation with our commercial sign experts in Southfield, MI.

Build Monumental Authority With Custom Monument Signs In Southfield, MI

Looking for show-stopping signage to anchor your outdoor advertising system? Monument signs are a fantastic option. And while they might look like a million bucks, they’re much more affordable than you’d think!

Monument signs come in many different shapes and sizes, but they’re generally defined as free-standing structures that display custom graphics, logos, or brand messages at roadside. The Southfield Code of Ordinances usually refers to monument signs as “garden ground signs,” which must not exceed five feet in height or exceed an area of fifty square feet.

Monument signs are becoming increasingly popular for Southfield businesses, both big and small, because:

  • Monument signs established big brand authority, thanks to their associated with major brands, like FedEx
  • Monument signs are highly conspicuous, generating thousands of impressions at roadside every day, especially when illuminated
  • Monument signs are highly customizable, available in many different shapes, sizes, and styles
  • Monument signs can be built using very affordable materials—e.g. You can use faux woodgrain and stone textures to create big-ticket aesthetics on a small budget

Check out these recent monument sign results from our commercial sign company:

Sign Buying Guide: Real Results from Commercial Sign Companies Near MeSign Buying Guide: Real Results from Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

Call (248)-354-8346 or visit the SignScapes gallery to find out what’s possible with your monument sign design.

Elevate Your Signage System With Pylon/cabinet Signs In Southfield, MI

If your location isn’t suited to monument signage, perhaps due to ground-level obstructions, such as trees or parked cars, don’t fret—elevate your marketing message with freestanding cabinet signs instead!

Sometimes referred to as pylon signs when they’re mounted on poles, rather than the storefront facade, cabinet signs are a great option for outdoor advertising. Mounted high above ground level and easily illuminated, cabinet signs are tough to ignore and impossible to miss, making them highly effective for wayfinding, business identification, and branding.

Of course, like all sign types sold at our Southfield location, all cabinet signs are 100% customizable. And not only can our in-house graphics team work with any sign specifications, but we also bring serious branding, design, and marketing expertise to the table, allowing us to combine your unique creative vision with proven best practices to get great results. For example, check out this striking custom cabinet sign order we recently completed for one of Southfield’s local law offices:

Sign Buying Guide: Real Results from Commercial Sign Companies Near Me

Free Quote From Commercial Sign Companies Near Me In Southfield, MI

We’re proud of the sign results shared here, but we’ve hardly scratched the surface! To see more sign results, follow us on Facebook, check out our online gallery, or call (248)-354-8346 to book a free consultation with our commercial sign designers.


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