Protect Your Business And Build Community With ADA Compliant Restroom Signs

Protect Your Business And Build Community With ADA Compliant Restroom Signs

Today’s post is all about how we help businesses in Southfield, MI minimize liability and create accessible communi-ties using custom ADA compliant restroom signs.

What Are ADA Compliant Restroom Signs?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is a piece of civil rights legislation written to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. The Act requires that all businesses in Southfield, MI and the rest of the United States comply with standards for accessible design, which include specifications regarding:

  • Depth, style, spacing, and case of raised characters
  • Sign installation height and position
  • Finish, contrast, and character proportions for any visual characters
  • Contrast and design of any symbols of accessibility
  • Field, finish, and text descriptions of pictograms, and much more.

The term “ADA compliant restroom signs” is used to describe accessible bathroom signage that meets ADA standards.

Does My Business Need ADA Compliant Restroom Signs?

Most likely. All signs used by Southfield businesses must be ADA compliant, with the following exceptions detailed in Chapter 2, Section 216 of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design:

  • Building directories
  • Menus
  • Seat and row designations in assembly areas
  • Occupant names
  • Company names and logos
  • Temporary signs (7 days or less)

Unless your restroom sign is temporary (e.g. for a pop-up business), intending to be used for 7 days or less, it must be ADA compliant.

ADA Compliant Restroom Signs Keep Southfield Businesses Safe

If you fail to comply with ADA sign requirements, your business could be sued for violating civil rights laws. Nobody is immune to this prosecution–take the City of Willits for example. Last year Willits News reported that the city had been forced to pay $156,500 in damages to the plaintiff Jeanette Brown, who accused City Hall of various violations, including non-compliant restroom signs.

To avoid costly payouts like these, it’s imperative that your business installs ADA compliant restroom signs. But don’t worry–you don’t need to become an expert in ADA design standards, even if you’re trying to incorporate a custom design. Our in-house creative team has expert knowledge of all ADA design standards and guarantees perfectly compliant design and installation every time. We carry a number of fast and effective ADA compliant restroom sign templates, and we can also tweak any custom brand materials to meet these guidelines.

ADA Compliant Restroom Signs Show Southfield Communities You Care

Beyond minimizing your liability, ADA compliant restroom signs show visitors that you care about being an inclusive business.

However you want to express that, SignScapes can help. We carry all the most popular ADA compliant restroom sign types, including:

  • Hand washing signs
  • Men’s room / women’s room / all-gender restroom signs
  • Family restroom signs
  • Funny bathroom signs
  • Custom bathroom signs
  • Bathroom key chains
  • Engraved restroom signs
  • Slider restroom signs
  • Bilingual bathroom signs
  • Accessible restroom signs, and more!

Free ADA Compliant Restroom Sign Quotes In Southfield, MI

Call 248-354-8346 or visit the SignScapes website to book a same-day consultation and get a free quote from our team.


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