ISA Research Highlights Value Of Commercial Signs For Businesses In Southfield, MI

ISA Research Highlights Value Of Commercial Signs For Businesses In Southfield, MI

Today’s post reviews key findings from three seminal reports by the International Sign Association (ISA) that highlight the economic value of commercial signs for businesses in Southfield and abroad.

Commercial Signs Increase Sales And Enhance Brand Impressions

An ISA report titled “Retail Signage: Practices to Increase Return on Investment” found the following reasons to upgrade your commercial signage in 2020:

  • Commercial signs boost sales. Measures of “return based on sales in dollars per square foot” showed that commercial signs consistently generate high return-on-investment (ROI) for several top brands across multiple industries, including Apple Stores, TIffany & Co., lululemon athletica, Coach, Michael Kors, Select Comfort, True Religion, Fairway Market, and Vera Bradley.
  • Commercial signs increase brand equity. “Signs reinforce the quality of a company’s brand and have steadily become a major part of a company’s overall marketing strategy,” write ISA researchers.

How Commercial Signs Help Southfield Buyers Find Your Business?

In one ISA case study focusing on the importance of sign visibility and conspicuity in the automotive industry, researchers found that 68% of participants relied on commercial signs to find local dealerships. Further research revealed that as many as 50% of American consumers have driven by a desired business location without finding it due to insufficient signage. This bears out the importance of prominent, visible signage, even in the digital era where GPS technology is ubiquitous.

Commercial Signs Give Struggling Stores Competitive Advantage

In an ISA-sponsored study by the University of Cincinnati titled “The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage,” researchers found that lower-performing stores benefitted the most from commercial sign upgrades. The addition of a single custom commercial sign yielded sales increases of 4.75%, which exceeded the impact of building expansion and operating hour extensions.

Order Custom Commercial Signs In Southfield, MI

No matter where your business is located or which industry it serves, you’ll find what you need at SignScapes. We carry all the most popular commercial sign styles, including:

All commercial signs are custom-built to your precise specifications. Choose any shape, size, material, or colors, and our in-house experts will bring your build to life. Once the canvas is complete, we help you create your masterpiece. Whether you need vector artwork reproduced in stunning high-resolution, or you want to create something brand-new, our graphic design team is up to the task. We also carry an extensive catalog of templates you can use as creative springboards.

Commercial sign delivery and installation support is available throughout Southfield, MI and nationwide.

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