How To Evaluate A Business Sign Company In Southfield, MI

How To Evaluate A Business Sign Company In Southfield, MI

Evaluating potential business sign companies is easy with the right information at hand. Review these 3 business sign company criteria before you commit to that big-ticket sign order in Southfield, Michigan!

1.  Does The Business Sign Company Have Experience With Local Ordinances And Sign Law?

Failing to comply with Southfield’s Code of Ordinances could result in hefty fines and redesign costs. Southfield bylaws detail specific requirements for sign design, installation, maintenance, and illumination, all of which must be followed to the letter.

To save yourself time, money, and splitting headaches, try to find a business sign company that knows local ordinances and sign laws inside-out. At SignScapes, every design is informed by our expert knowledge of Southfield ordinances, and we even provide support with sign permit acquisition.

2. Does The Business Sign Company Have Cross-industry Experience?

The signage needs of a trendy restaurateur are distinct from those of a multinational retailer or a government facility, even if those differences may not be apparent to the general public. When evaluating potential business sign companies, look for partners with experience in multiple industries. These shops will be more informed regarding best practices and ordinances in different industries, which will help you achieve better results and avoid costly fines or redesigns.

For instance, SignScapes has experience in the following industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Real estate
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Business parks
  • City and government
  • Construction
  • Shopping malls
  • Universities
  • Law offices
  • Doctors offices
  • Dental offices
  • Car dealerships
  • Contractors, and more!

Is The Business Sign Company “full Service”?

Full-service business sign companies, sometimes known as “one-stop shops,” provide plenty of value to business clients.

In a new study by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, professor Stephan Seiler highlighted the following consumer-side benefits:

  • Full service business sign companies save consumers time. SignScapes offers nine different services: consultation and design, large format printing, sign application and permit support, sign installation, sign maintenance, sign repair, sign manufacturing, trade show display design, and vehicle wraps and graphics. By offering all this under one roof, SignScapes saves business clients the hassle of making 9 different commutes and managing 9 different personalities.
  • Full service business sign companies provide better cost control. Sellers recognize that raising the price of any single service could potentially chase multi-service customers away, so one-stop shops tend to provide greater value on a service-by-service basis. Additionally, full-service business sign companies create more opportunities for bulk-buy discounts, since you can buy entire sign systems at once.
  • Full service business sign companies create more cohesive sign systems. It’s much easier to create cohesion among multiple sign assets when ordering from a single provider. The alternative involves lots of leg-work and project management to keep multiple sign manufacturers on the same page.

Admittedly, one-stop shop capabilities shouldn’t be the only factor in your evaluation, but the value of this model is undeniable!

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