Deconstructing Construction Signs: 4 Essential Design Features

Deconstructing Construction Signs: 4 Essential Design Features

If you’ve got a construction site, you need construction signs. Today’s post details 4 essential design features required of all construction signs. Read on or call 1-248-354-8346 to speak directly with a construction sign specialist in Southfield, Michigan.

1.  Effective Construction Sign Coloration

Most people recognize construction signs by their color, not their contents.

However, many construction sign designs are fixed, with colors preassigned for specific projects, in which case your best bet is to browse our selection of pre-approved construction sign templates.

But if you’re designing construction signs with a little more leeway, think carefully about your color choice. Depending on your goals, construction sign color can be used to:

  • Build brand recognition in Michigan by reproducing company colors
  • Evoke emotional responses that are relevant to your brand identity (e.g. blue for calm and productivity; red for passionate work; green for eco-friendly construction firms, etc.)
  • Attract attention and alert visitors (e.g. by using traditional yellow, orange, and red)

For more help determining whether your construction sign design is open or fixed, and to get some custom color recommendations for your brand, get in touch with our Michigan sign shop at 1-248-354-8346.

2.  Sufficient Construction Sign Contrast

Construction signs need to be legible, even in low light and inclement weather, which isn’t possible without serious contrast between the sign letters and background. It’s no coincidence that most standard, pre-approved construction signs use high-contrast combinations like black-on-yellow, black-on-orange, and white-on-red. And while you don’t have to use one of these combinations in every case, you do need to maximize contrast, no matter what. Some other effective color combinations include:

  • Yellow-on-red
  • White-on-blue
  • Yellow-on-blue
  • White-on-black
  • Red-on-white

For more help with your construction sign’s contrast, get in touch with our team at 1-248-354-8346.

3.  Optimal Construction Size Letter Sizing

As the old saying goes, when it comes to construction sign letter sizing, bigger is better. This is particularly true for exterior construction signs, which are most often viewed by drivers moving at high speeds.

The International Sign Association recommends designing signs with letters a minimum of one inch (1”) tall for every twenty-five feet (25’) of distance. This makes them readable for all legal drivers.

4.  Appropriate Graphics And Signal Words

The OSHA/ANSI sign and tag formats use nationally and internationally standardized elements to quickly convey safety messages in the modern workplace. Incorporating these graphics, signal words, and tags into your custom construction signs greatly improves their effectiveness, and can help eliminate extra words when you need to increase font size.

Common components include:

  • Signals words for hazard-altering safety messages, such as “DANGER,” “WARNING,” and “CAUTION,” which indicate different threat levels.
  • Signal words for non-hazard-altering safety messages, such as “NOTICE,” which is generally used for information that is important but not life-or-death, such as hygiene requirements and restricted area alerts.
  • Universal construction sign symbols are used to bridge language barriers and draw more eyes to your safety messages. For example, the black lightning bolt on a yellow triangle indicates electrification and risk of shock; the stick-figure-falling-over symbol indicates slippery floors; and the flame indicates flammable materials.

For more help finding the right graphics, signal words, and symbols for your construction signs, get in touch with our team!

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