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Buying Commercial Real Estate Signs In Michigan: Important Questions To Ask Potential Partners

Buying Commercial Real Estate Signs In Michigan: Important Questions To Ask Potential Partners

Today’s post runs down 3 critical questions to ask potential sign partners before you commit to your commercial real estate sign order. Read on for better commercial real estate sign results in Southfield, MI.

1.  “What Types Of Commercial Real Estate Signs Do You Offer?”

There’s a whole wide world of commercial real estate sign solutions out there, from traditional posts and H-frames to dynamic digital signs and graphics. But even if you’re looking to start with something modest and traditional, you never know what the future holds, so why not partner with a company capable of scaling up or down with you? You get some added flexibility, and also give yourself the option of creating cohesive, multimodal sign systems for big showings, trade shows, and community events.

Whether you’re looking for some quick, easy, and budget-friendly options, or you want the best commercial real estate signs money can buy, the SignScapes catalog has what you need!

2.  “Do You Customize Commercial Real Estate Signs?”

Your real estate company simply can’t look its best with stock signage. How are you supposed to stand out when you’re using the same template as your competitor down the street, only with the head-shot and contact info swapped out?

SignScapes offers complete branding consultations and custom graphic design services in-house, so your commercial real estate sign design is only limited by your imagination.

3.  “What Do You Know About Commercial Real Estate Sign Ordinances?”

All commercial real estate signs in Southfield, Michigan must comply with ordinances outlined in Chapter 99 of the Code of the City of Southfield,”Signs.” Failure to abide by these legal requirements could result in fines, or damage your local reputation. As such, it’s crucial that your commercial real estate sign provider has experience in this area.

Fortunately, most commercial real estate signs do not require permits. Commercial real estate signs are allowed in all Southfield zoning districts, as long as they are “placed in the ground or upon a building and not being portable in nature, six (6) square feet or less in area which pertain to the sale, rental or lease of the property upon which such sign is located.”

Any real estate signs larger than six square feet will be subject to certain security deposits and restrictions, as outlined on pages 16-17. For example, large banners will only be permitted for 30 days every 3 months after a $250 deposit is presented; likewise, real estate signs made with rigid materials may be displayed for 12 months with a $150 deposit. If you fail to remove or maintain your sign according to Southfield city standards, money will be deducted from your deposit.

Size and quantity restrictions apply, too. No real estate sign shall exceed 1 square foot in area per 1500 square feet of land, with a maximum size of 200 square feet, and no parcel of land is permitted more than 1 commercial real estate sign per street frontage.

Whether or not you intend to “go big” with your commercial real estate sign, SignScapes can keep your campaign 100% compliant. We offer total support with sign applications and permitting in Southfield, Michigan, and we apply our knowledge of local ordinances during every custom real estate sign design and installation.

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SignScapes offers an extensive catalog of commercial real estate sign types, along with complete custom design services and unparalleled expertise with Southfield ordinances.

Call 248-354-8346 or visit the SignScapes website to book a free consultation and get a quote today.


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