Big Sign, Big Returns: Making The Most Of Monument Sign Design In Southfield, MI

Big Sign, Big Returns: Making The Most Of Monument Sign Design In Southfield, MI

Today’s post runs down our top monument sign design and installation tips to help you get the most out of this monumental sign investment.

How To Keep Your Monument Sign Design Simple For Better Roadside Visibility

With grand monument signs, you need some grand design, right? Wrong!

Think about all of the biggest brands in Southfield, MI and around the world. Do any of these big brands use grand design? No–clarity is king when it comes to brand recognition, from the golden arches to Pepsi’s blue-and-red yin yang. This is especially true for monument signs, which are meant to be seen mostly by drivers passing at high speeds. There’s just no time for drivers to safely take in complex sign designs, so keep it simple for best results.

Use Contrasting Colors

Let’s revisit the examples from the previous point. What do the McDonalds and Pepsi logos have in common? Besides using the color red, they both make great use of contrasting colors. High contrast naturally draws the eye and also makes your monument sign design easier to spot from long distances. We can help you find contrasting colors that fit your vision and brand palette.

Choose The Best Materials For Your Needs

At SignScapes, we offer monument signs in a wide range of materials, including stone, stucco, brick, metal, and sculpted foam. Brick and stone creates warmth and rustic appeal that suits many different businesses, but you can get surprisingly close results using less expensive sculpted foam, which can be given a number of different textures. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly monument signage or the best option money can buy, SignScapes has what you need. Each of our monument sign materials has unique pros and cons that we will explain to you fully during your free sign consultation.

Take An All-seasons Perspective To Find The Right Location

What may look like the perfect display now could be buried under a snow drift come winter, or lost behind a wall of foliage in the spring. Make sure you evaluate every potential installation spot with an “all-seasons perspective” to avoid this problem.

Consider The Southfield Signscape

What kind of environment will your sign be living in? For example, if it’s surrounded by red-and-yellow signs mounted by your competitors, it’s probably not a good idea to design one using these colors. Finding shapes, colors, and installation levels (e.g. occupying the lower field of vision with monument signs when the competition is crowding overhead space) that sharply contrast with the competition would help your monument sign stand out.

Free Monument Sign Design Consultation And Quote In Southfield, MI

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