Avoid The Top-3 Window Graphic Removal Mistakes

Avoid The Top-3 Window Graphic Removal Mistakes

Today’s post spotlights the top-3 window graphic removal mistakes we see from Southfield buyers. Read on to learn how to avoid costly removal errors and stop leaving residue behind!

Mistake #1: Not Knowing Your Window Graphic’s ‘Removal Rating’

Did you know that window graphics fall into 4 broad ‘removal rating’ categories?

Many people don’t—and that’s often where their removal woes begin. Trying to peel off a window graphic with a “not removable” rating, for example, is a surefire way to destroy the product and potentially damage the substrate.

Make sure you know which of the following “removal categories” your window graphic falls under, as per 3M standards:

  • Ultra removable (best)—This window graphic product can be removed easily, by just about anyone. You do not need any special aids, such as heat or anti-residue products. Many of our temporary window graphics are rated “ultra removable” for your convenience.
  • Removable with heat (better)—This window graphic product is easily removed with the aid of heat (e.g. from a blow dryer). In some conditions, up to 10% of the adhesive may be left behind, but this medium-strength residue is easily cleaned away after the fact.
  • Removal with heat and/or chemicals (good)—This window graphic film can be removed with the use of heat and/or chemical anti-residue products. Up to 30% of adhesive residue may be left behind, and post-removal cleaning will be required.
  • Not removable (difficult)—This permanent window graphic product is not intended to be removed. If you wish to replace or uninstall window graphics with this removal rating, please contact a professional. Our team is always happy to help.

If you need help determining the removal rating of your window graphics, don’t hesitate to call our Southfield experts. Phone consultations are 100% free.

Mistake #2: Failing To Consider The Window Graphic Substrate

Make sure to consider the substrate to determine the best approach and tools for the job.

Low surface energy substrates (e.g. plastics) are the easiest to work with, whereas high surface energy substrates like glass and bare metal can put up more of a fight.

You’ll need to be extremely careful when attempting to remove window graphic film from unpainted wallboard and any unwarranted substrates with coatings, such as anti-reflection and scratch resistance. Slightly oxidized (not chalked) paint jobs tend to develop much stronger adhesion than newly painted substrates.

When in doubt, remember: the SignScapes team can help you assess the substrate and complete your window graphic removal safely. Full installation and removal support is included with every order.

Mistake #3: Attempting To Remove Window Graphics In Suboptimal Temperatures

Temperature makes a big difference. Window graphic film can become brittle in cold weather, which can cause it to break apart during the removal process. This not only makes leftover residue more likely, but also stops you from reusing your graphics.

For best results, remove window graphics only when the temperature is above 40°F (10°C)—and the warmer it is, the better. For most Southfield business owners, this is as easy as waiting for the sun to warm up your windows.

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