3 Essential Services Every Southfield Signage Design Company Should Provide

 3 Essential Services Every Southfield Signage Design Company Should Provide

Today’s post runs down 3 essential services every Southfield signage design company should offer if they want to call themselves a true “one stop shop.” Read on to learn what makes us one of Southfield’s top sign shops!

Unlock Your Brand’s ‘visual Equity’ With Custom Logo Design Services In Southfield, MI

Your brand deserves more than stock signage.

Research by the Marketing Theory journal uses the term “visual equity” to encapsulate the collective value of a brand’s color, symbol, shape, and lettering–in other words, their custom logo (Bottomley & Doyle, 2006, p. 63). According to marketing theory, visual equity creates the “look and feel” of the brand, which contributes to “brand recognition, enabling a brand to stand out on the supermarket shelf” (p. 63). It also helps brands build their desired image, telling stories and appealing to audiences through desirable and relevant combinations of color, font, graphics, and physical sign design.

When visual equity is high, your sign can tell a large part of your brand’s story in a single glance. This translates to greater engagement (e.g. more impressions and thus more cost-effective marketing) and better brand recognition. By way of example, Bottomley & Doyle (2006) highlight Prudential Insurance’s “Rock of Gibraltar” Logo, which conveys strength, stability, and cool professionalism all at once:







There’s no reason why you should partner with a sign company that doesn’t offer custom logo design services. Even if you’re just looking for a quick and easy design template, custom logo design and branding consultation services act as a quality indicator, telling you that this shop is good enough to handle anything that’s thrown their way. It also allows you to take that quick and easy template up a notch–customizing templates with just a few small touches can differentiate your brand from similar stock options without costing you anything extra.

If you need the services of a signage design company in Southfield, give us a call!

Go Big With Your Brand Message: Large Format Printing Services In Southfield, MI

Large format printing services unlock high-impact advertising mediums that work brilliantly in almost any setting, from small pop-up business stands to trade show booths. Unlike traditional offset printing that can only print in bulk, large format printing lets you print exactly as much as you need, eliminating unwanted surplus.

How To Keep Your Business Safe And Compliant With Professional Sign Installation

Some signs are made for clients to be installed on their own; others signs, such as heavy overhead signage and signs with electrical wiring, are utterly unsafe in the hands of anyone but trained professionals.

If you’re looking for a true one-stop-shop experience, you need to find a company that offers installation support in addition to a wide range of custom signage options.

That’s us–SignScapes offers a complete range of installation support services, including:

  • Sign installation tutorials and support
  • Graphics installation and removal
  • Electrical sign installation
  • Vehicle wrap and graphic installation and removal
  • ADA installation support, and more!

Free Quote From An All-in-one Signage Design Company In Southfield, MI

Whatever your signage needs, SignScapes is up to the task.

In addition to these 3 essential services, we also provide:

  • Full support with sign applications and permitting
  • Sign maintenance and repair services
  • Vehicle wrapping, and more!

Call 248-354-8346 or visit the SignScapes website to book a same-day consultation and get a free quote from our team.


Bottomley, P. A., & Doyle, J. R. (2006). The interactive effects of colors and products on perceptions of brand logo appropriateness. Marketing Theory, 6(1), 63-83. Retrieved from https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Paul_Bottomley/publication/277431498_The_interactive_effects_of_colors_and_products_on_perceptions_of_brand_logo_appropriateness/links/5a5e1c9ea6fdcc68fa990f1c/The-interactive-effects-of-colors-and-products-on-perceptions-of-brand-logo-appropriateness.pdf


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