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3 Critical Considerations For Better Channel Letter Sign Results

3 Critical Considerations For Better Channel Letter Sign Results

Channel letter signs are one of your business’s best advertising assets. Today’s post explains the importance of quality design, and shares 3 critical considerations first-time buyers cannot overlook.

Bad Channel Letter Sign Design Hurts Southfield Brands

Channel letter signs are one of the most common storefront business signs on the market. They’re great for wayfinding (e.g. building identification), building brand authority, and converting foot traffic to sales.

But if you’re going to invest in a channel letter sign, you’d better do it right. Bad channel letter sign design can be quite damaging to your brand image, for the very same reason channel letter signs are so popular to begin with—they get noticed! That means bad channel letter signs, with their tacky images, annoying fonts, loud color clashes, and technical errors, will be seen by thousands of people every day.

A survey of more than 100,000 North American households showed what kind of damage brand bad letter sign design can do:

  • 29% of American consumers reported that they had been drawn into new stores based entirely on the quality of the storefront sign design. Bad channel letter sign design costs you these valuable conversions up front.
  • 5% of American consumers regularly make quality assumptions about businesses based on the quality of their storefront sign designs.
  • 7% of American consumers have driven by and failed to find businesses they intended to visit due to unclear signage

With all these stats in mind, make sure you choose the right company—one that gets results, and that takes the following 3 critical considerations seriously.

3 Critical Considerations For Better Channel Letter Sign Designs

1.   Channel Letter Sign Type—what Fits Your Needs And Budget?

There are four main types of channel letter signs:

  • Front-lit channel letter signs, which are illuminated with LED light shining through clear, white, or acrylic letter faces
  • Halo-lit channel letters, sometimes known as “reverse lit” letters, which place the LED behind a solid metal face so that light glows and creates a halo effect around each letter
  • Combination lit channel letter signs, which combine front-lighting with the haloed letter outlining effect
  • Open face channel letters, which are made from transparent acrylic and use neon tubing in place of LED lighting

Each of these products offers unique strengths, weaknesses, and aesthetic effects. For a look at our full catalog, and to get some recommendations based on your needs and budget, call 248-354-8346 today.

2.   Channel Letter Sign Size—How Big Is Too Big?

When it comes to channel letter signs, bigger isn’t always better. Oversized signage that dominates the local signscape can come off as obnoxious, casting your brand in a bad light. More importantly, oversized channel letter signs violate Southfield’s Code of Ordinances. Our team can help you determine the best size for your advertising goals and budget, and make sure you’re in full compliance with local bylaws.

When determining the size of your channel letter sign, you’ll also need to think about proportionality and letter spacing. This is a very important part of your design, since letter spacing and proportionality will ultimately determine what lighting style and technology to use.

3. Channel Letter Sign Colors—What Will Get My Sign Noticed?

Acrylic comes in dozens of colors, and your lighting can also be tweaked to add additional color accents. You’re really only limited by your imagination here, but think carefully about your brand image as well as the local signscape and surroundings. Ideally, you want to choose colors that clash for maxim readability, evoke the right emotional response, say something about your brand (e.g. green for an eco-friendly brand), and stand out from the surrounding signage and building materials.

It’s a lot to consider, but our in-house design experts are happy to help. Whether you’re trying to recreate or update brand materials, or create something new, our team is up to the task.

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