3 Best Practices For Effective Corporate Signage Design

3 Best Practices For Effective Corporate Signage Design

SignScapes is a premier provider of corporate signage design services for businesses in Southfield and across the country. To show you we mean business, today’s post shares 3 of the best practices underpinning our corporate signage design service!

1.  Know Your Intended Audience

While we all understand that storefront signage is typically meant to be all-inclusive and widely appealing, brands don’t always want to cast a broad net with their advertising. In fact, keeping your design too generalized can be harmful to your marketing goals in some instances, such as:

  • B2B marketing at trade shows
  • Real estate signage targeting first-time Millennial homebuyers
  • Targeted marketing to tech-savvy “Gen Z” demographics
  • Targeted marketing to older Baby Boomer buyers

In each of these cases, the intended audience looks for different things. Delivering on your audience’s expectations is key. For instance, using B2B business jargon when marketing to Gen Z buyers is not going to produce optimal results, no matter how great your sign looks, but it’s exactly what people want to see at trade shows.

Know your audience and talk about their specific needs when you begin your corporate signage design consultation. This is a foundational best practice that will affect all aspects of your design, from font selection to coloration and use of graphics.

2.  Choose Clean And Simple Typography

Thanks to sophisticated design software and modern manufacturing technology, fancy fonts abound. With so many options available to brand managers, overchoice often sets in.

But it needn’t be so complicated. Typography is about function over form, and though there are millions of fonts out there, you have fewer functional options than you think.

As Leonardo da Vinci famously wrote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” With these words in mind, aim for something clean and simple, and save the avant-garde artwork for more “insider” materials that brand-loyal customers can appreciate.

Helvetica is more than 50 years old, and it’s still one of the most popular typefaces for corporate signage design. It’s a clean, simple, sans-serif typeface that fits almost any industry or brand image. Serif typefaces, such as Times New Roman, reflect more classical aesthetics and thus may be more suited to traditional brands and haute couture. But crucially, it’s still clean and simple, which is a bonafide best practice for corporate signage design—it’s something all 60 of these recommended typefaces have in common.

3.  Make Sure Your Logo Reflects The Nature Of Your Business

When a logo aligns with the business culture and conveys information about its product, service, or values, you create a true brand identity. Colors evoke emotion and meaning, and a single graphic can speak to the heart of your business. Think of any top brand:

  • Target’s logo immediately evokes the brand name; the red and white contrast draws the eye; and the color choice conveys passion
  • Burger King’s logo sandwiches the red brand name between two yellow burger buns, creating wonderful contrast and clear fast-food connections
  • Apple’s clean minimalism tells us a lot about the brand’s values, while the image itself evokes the brand name

Whether you need help updating existing brand materials or creating something altogether new, our team is up to the task!

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